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RCS Sport Branding Contest
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Contest Brief


RCS Sport contest finally has its winner.

As we publish this, RCS Sport is holding its official press conference, to introduce Sports’ establishment and media the new official image of the bike race around Latium.

We’ve been knowing the winner for a while, since the author of the winning proposal has been put in touch with RCS Sport to work on the original proposal submitted to the contest together with RCS Sport team in order to get the final identity of the race.
We promised to keep it a secret until RCS Sport’s official press conference, that happens to be today.

Hereinafter you will find the original graphics as well as the final outcome, worked by the author to fit all the needs of the Client.

Now, done with talks, let’s announce the winning proposal


FIRST PRIZE – 2.000€

RE DI ROMA by Cgetto, from Italy

Click here to see the complete proposal

By the time we publish this note, Cgetto work is being presented to Italian media and Sports establishment.

And here’s the final outcome, designed by Cgetto under RCS Sport suggestions.

What else we may say…

This was an high-quality competition and RCS Sport had very hard times going through all the proposals submitted.
Once again, you made us proud to be part of such a designers community.
Thank you so much for being part of Shicon’s community, everytime it’s a real pleasure to see you on-the-job

RCS Sport & Shicon



Dear members,

Due to high number of members that are facing problems in submitting their proposals and to the issues faced by many of you in downloading the download kit with the reference boards, RCS Sport decided to slightly postpone the deadline of the competition in order to give more time to you, to learn how to submit, and to us, to help you properly.

That’s why the new deadline of the contest will be this Sunday, 2nd of December at 23.59 (GMT+1).

We would like to remember you that for any issue, trouble, question, doubt, love problem, etc. the Shicon Team is at your disposal (even in the weekend!) at

Please, also remember not to submit the very last hour, because you could cause a web server overload!

Thanks and keep up the good work, as always!

Shicon Team



Dear Members,
This is a very important notice, so please read carefully.

RCS Sport has just imparted to us to notify you a very important detail, that you must consider during the development of your proposal.
The change applies to the brief’s part about the development of the new name of the race.

Because of marketing reasons you’re kindly asked not to use neither the word “giro” nor ”tour.
This because RCS Sports doesn’t want the sport event to be confused with other important races, especially the “Giro d’Italia” that is often referred to as “Giro”.

Please don’t forget to review your proposal in light of this important detail.
We’ve already modified the contest brief hereinafter, so as the document available in the download kit.

Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

Shicon Team





Born under the aegis of Italian most popular sports newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, RCS Sport became a real sports and media company that now operates with a tailored approach on both Italian and international sports market by providing its Partners with a wide range of services and a remarkable portfolio of sporting rights.
RCS Sport organizes all the major Italian bicycle races (Giro d’Italia, Milano – Sanremo, Il Lombardia, Tirreno – Adriatico, Strade Bianche) and other important sports events such as the Milano City Marathon, Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia and Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun, as well as the Italian Open of Golf and all the events of Italian Basket League (All Star Game, Final8, Italian Cup).
RCS Sport is also sales advisor of Italian soccer team, Inter team and Italian Federation of Basketball. For more info


This race has a very long history in the Italian scenario of bicycle racing. Established on 1933, the race was known as the “Giro del Lazio” (Tour of Latium), the Italian region that surrounds Rome.
The race – a men’s road race of 1.1 category – is included in UCI Europe Tour calendar and next year will reach its 74th edition.
The race takes place in one day on a distance of 200 km. The starting point is Rome, where runners will begin the race passing across its historical heritage of greatness, to then continue along the ancient Via Appia (Appia road), one of the most important arterial road of ancient Italy.
The path runs 200 km through the hills and the countryside of Latium region, characterized in some parts by stretches of pavement along the way. Runners will then come back to Rome, ending point of the race.
In 2013, the race will be held the first weekend of March.


RCS Sport wants you to develop the new identity of this historical bicycle race.
Through this contest, RCS Sports wants to collect original proposals to freshen up the image of the race, once known as the “Giro del Lazio” (Tour of Latium).

What you have to create is the new official identity of the bicycle race:

  • Brand name – able to recall its origins but also modern and international.
  • Logo
  • Logotype

Your proposals must come along with a brief brand book, that gives indication about values and tone of voice of the identity you’ve created and suggests how to apply the new identity to further communication materials.

Please, refer to the tables of reference provided in the download kit to learn how to develop your proposal.

In add, RCS Sport would like you to create a layout proposal for the official poster of the race.


Communication goals:

  • Awarness of the event.
  • Positioning of the race on the international market of sports events: the new identity must be impacting and immediately recognizable in the current scenario of bicycle racing, both Italian and global.


  • All the bicycle racing fans and followers, from all around the world.


  • Rome, both starting point and arrival of the race, is the true plus to be enlighten and to focus on. The eternal city, once theater of epic battles among gladiators, today it becomes the stage for runners’ race.

Reason Why:

Focusing on Rome and all its surrounding imaginary (history, arts, architecture, views and landscapes) means to rely on a very powerful and renowned range of images and messages, able to go beyond national borders and to be understood worldwide – even by who is not a follower of bicycle racing.

Tone of voice:

  • Epic, legendary, challenging and bold.
Please, refer to some visual suggestions provided by RCS Sports and available in the download kit.

*UPDATE* Important note:

RCS Sport asks you not to use neither the word giro nor tour in the race name, because of their closeness to other important bicycle races (i.e. “Giro d’Italia”, often called simply “Giro”).


1° Prize: €2.000

The proposal that will win the contest will become the official identity for the bicycle race.


All the proposals have to be developed and presented using the reference boards available in the download kit, as it follows:

  • Board n°1: Brand Name proposal. Use this board to present the brand name you invented and the reasons why.
    Remember to focus on the territory where the race will take place (once known as “Giro del Lazio” – Tour of Latium).
    Here you can also add a pay-off for the event.
    *UPDATE* Remember not to use neither the word “giro” nor “tour” in the race name, because of their closeness to other important bicycle races.
  • Board n°2: Logo color version. Use this board to show the color version of the logo you created.
    Also add a version of your logo with a date, in order to show how it would look like with the official date of the race near it.
    Please refer to the example provided in the download kit.
  • Board n°3: color VS w/b logo. Use this board to show the logo you created both in positive and negative version.
  • Board n°4: Color code. Specify the color code of the logo on the 3 color models CMYK, Pantone and RGB.
  • Board n°5: Corporate font. Give indication about the official font to be used in all the communication materials.
  • Board n°6: Official color palette. Aside from logo colors, here you can add all the suggested colors that RCS can use along with the new identity.
  • Board n°7: Texture and Pattern. Here you can indicate further graphic elements that enrich the identity.
  • Board n°8: Official poster layout proposal. Create the official poster of the event with its pay-off.
    In this case, body-copy is not mandatory, since all the contents will be developed in a later stage).
  • Board n°9: Apply the identity you’ve created to some BTL materials, such as rollup stands and the finish line arch
  • .

Each proposal must include all the 9 boards. Any incomplete proposal will not enter the competition.

Boards are already sized to fit the upload limits of the websites (650x500 pixels, width x height). Every file submitted must be in jpg (RBG, no CMYK), gif or png formats.

Each proposal must come along with a thumbnail, that best shows your concept. The thumbnail must measure 112x157 pixels (width x height) and be in jpg (RBG, no CMYK), gif or png formats.


The contest is open for entries from November the 12th to November the 30st 2012.


Which proposals will be considered as valid and accepted into the competition?

  1. All the proposal submitted MUST BE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL CREATION.
    Any proposal that recalls or that presents any similarity to any existing brand, trademark or logo will be NOT allowed to the contest.
    That’s because RCS Sport will use the winning proposal as the official identity of the bicycle race.
  2. All the proposal submitted must include all the 9 boards. Any incomplete proposal will not enter the competition.

Are there mandatory elements?
Yes, there are some details you must not forget to add, in order to submit a complete proposal. Those are:

  • Logo version with a date: you can add it in table n°2
  • A pay-off for the race: you can add it on table n°1, right next the name you’ve invented, and it must appear in table n°8.
    As for table n°8 also remember that body-copy is not mandatory, since it will be defined in a later phase.

*UPDATE* Also remember not to use neither the word “giro” nor “tour in the event name proposal, because of their closeness to other important bicycle races.

Is there a limit to the number of proposals I can submit?
Not at all, feel free to submit all the proposals you want. The important thing is that they must be complete and they must stringently fulfill the brief (8 boards per proposal + 1 thumbnail).

How will RCS Sport select the winning proposal and which use will be made of it?
After contest closure, the management of RCS Sport will make its assessment internally. The winning identity proposal will become the exclusive property of RCS Sport. Please refer to the Submission Terms section for further details.
The proposal that will win the contest will become the official identity of the bicycle race.

Anyway, RCS Sports reserves itself the right to not award any proposal, in case none of the proposals submitted meets their requirements. In this case the cash prize will not be assigned. At the same time, RCS Sport shall not use any proposal suggested, not even a part, in any way.

*EXTENDED* Contest starts on November the 12th 2012, ends on December the 2nd 2012, 23.59 (GMT +1).