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by leech

It's competing for WHAT'S INSIDE A LIGHTER? by SMOKING

ArtDesign Description

..,every time you strike a lighter, a handgun inside makes the fire..,bang! hope you love this:D


Comments about this ArtDesign

13.12.10 Benjamin


13.12.10 Mdk7

LOOOL! I love the idea, really it's brilliant... The execution is not totally my style, but there's so much WIN behind this concept! /bows

15.12.10 michaeltk

brilliant idea!

16.12.10 leech

thanks for appreciating my design:D

17.12.10 vcalahan

Nice, good luck!

18.12.10 troubles zilch

fire gun! very nice!

20.12.10 lumpelly

love the idea & simplicity of your design!!! it's really an awesome work!

22.12.10 jar22


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